Illumination made in October 2013 in the Warsaw Academy of Fine Arts consisting of seventeen light points mounted on a semi-circular vault in the gray area of the longitudinal corridor opening the way to hereinafter the Square (further in the text). Thirteen spherical elements relating to 13 stars in the great seal of the United States that was placed for the first time on the dollar bill in 1935.(1) Points emit electromagnetic radiation with a wavelength of 380-780 nanometers which is visible in full color space and the final choice of color of each point is made by the observer using a wireless controller illuminating in more than six billion (2) the possible permutations of light. Additional main four elements emit a warm incandescent light-colored about three thousand degrees Kelvin. The four points that are below are stylized to be a light bulbs from the middle of the last century. They were placed in the middle of firmament as a rose of winds pointing out the main points of the horizon (3). They present four types of personality manifested in the formal characteristics of behavior highlighted by Hippocrates. (4) Suspended in the space at different heights manifest appropriate degree of dominance disposition of temperament traits in person who was born on December 1st 1935 at 10:55 PM. The grey walls color is the reality from which Allen will be running away to the color illumination, created life of his film characters among whom he finds himself well. Posted horizontally opposed mirrors show infinity and eternity tantamount also referred to as being out of time. It sometimes coordinates space-time. (5)

1 On the reverse of the banknote is a great seal of the United States on the left side of the obverse on the right reverse. The obverse of the seal beyond the thirteen stars, the eagle holds the branch with thirteen leaves in the left claw and thirteen arrows in the right. With thirteen its degrees pyramid is built on a verse of the seal

2 13! = 6227020800

3 N - north, S - south, W - west, E - east

4 Sanguine, choleric, melancholic, phlegmatic

5 Einstein's general theory of relativity