I began the deconstruction in 2011. My goal was not only to familiarize myself with work of Woody Allen, but also his private life, which infiltrates to his movies and his work methodology while creating them. In the light of personal reflection I produced the film for Woody’s birthday. Thus, on December 1st 2012 “Happy Birthday Woody Allen and Keep Going!” was presented in New York.

Polish film premiere with participation of its authors

 took part in Galeria Spokojna in Warsaw on the 4th of March 2013.

The film word premiere with participation of its authors

 took place in Cinema Village, Manhattan , December 1st 2012. 

(photo from private archives)

In his picture, independent film makers uncover mechanism of individual economy of drives controlled by media corporations and their legal departments. They make a movie that accomplish their goals. Again the reality moves in to the movie and the director like Allen portrays one of the characters. “Lawyers” of the culture industry personified as vendors of pop corn represent immanent driving force that a snack of film work becomes stimulus to its creation. There is another change of situation. Thanks to the profitability of production of this addition. The movie has been made in order to increase profits from the sale. However, on the producers’ way there came pseudo hetero sexual kidnapers with their faces covered by colorful as a rainbow material who were parading in gold tight shorts. They were the ones who wanted to kidnap Allen, so he would write a musical script for them. Mosad agents, who were going on a mission to protect culture icons like Woody Allen were present. I could go deeper in the film semiotic analysis, but it will be only one of possible versions, because each reconstruction would be a different interpretation coming to life again in front of the audience

Photos: M. Rybicka/D. Myhan