P.S. 163 Students Art Show

is now a part of NYCXDESIGN 

CLASS 1- 111

CLASS K- 106

Gale Brewer 

Manhattan Borough President visiting Art Show

CLASS K- 106

CLASS K- 106

CLASS 2- 215

CLASS 4- 306

CLASS 3- 322

CLASS 3- 315

CLASS 1- 206

CLASS 4- 318

Celebrating May 4th at P.S.163

Here comes the sun!

I got  an amazing opportunity to lead young creators through the magical world of Modern Art during the 2021 spring semester. I am pleased to present around 150 fantastic artworks of students from grades K to 5. Inspired by Piet Mondrian, Mark Rothko,  Keith Haring, Andy Warhol and more. Located at store windows gallery of  Whole Foods Market at Manhattan (808 Columbus Ave and 97th St). 


Dear students,  I would like to thank you for consistently high-quality performance at visual arts classes in P.S. 163.  Here comes the sun.

You are all so talented! 


Thank you our great partners for making possible P.S.163 Students Art Show in this summer. 


Dr. D



Fifteen Shades 

of Principal Lopez  

CLASS 3- 222

& CLASS 5- 309

CLASS 5- 302