Dr. D. Creative Scriptwriting to Fine Art - Workshop 

Planning for Academic Rigor

Introduction to rigorous task:

The goal is to write … BAD DIALOGUES TO SCENE! Well… not just a bad, but THE WORST EVER! I would like to introduce to you the masterpieces of Edward Hopper. Here are the scenes and their characters. Now you and your co-writer in team need to write 10 lines of dialogues, but there are a few additional rules. Each team write 1 line of 10 to each other scene based on prepared script combination. Please put your scenes logs: "A", "B", "C" ... and character names in to your final work like on provided script. Look at exemplar please to know how your work shoud look like. 

Also in your work:
LINE 3 :
This must be a very personal question.
In LINE 5:
Any animal must be mentioned.
In LINE 7:
The secret must be passed on.

After that dialogues was displaced to proper scenes, students take parts and read  all mysterious scenes front of the class. Students first time meet all scenes. After that students analyses using Turn and Talk all scenes whose was uploaded to online assignmet after showcase.  Finally they vote on worst scene ever using google forms prepared earlier by teacher. And here have the major divagation, should they voted for most liked from 1of 10 or less liked.  Instruction was not provided!

After publishing voting results (please see the results above) I asked students to write in 2- 5 lines deeper explanation: Why you think that majority students decide that scenes D, E, F are the worst scene ever using at least one evidence from the selected worst scene ever.  I also rewards student answer and asked follow-up questions.

Ambiguity of Task: 

Students integrate and evaluate multiple sources information presented in difrent media or formatsas well as in words in order to addres a question or solve the problem. Analyze and evaluate the effectivnes of the structure an author uses in his or her exposition or argument including whether thr structure makes points clear, convincing, and engaging. 

(CCLS ELA Literacy Anchor Reading) Students Generate and conceptualize artistic ideas and works.
(NYS Visual Art Standard). Students have learned how to write dialogues to scenes painted by Edward Hoopper. 

However the goal was to write WORST dialogue ever. Therefore students neeed to first concentrate what is the proper dialogue and then create opposite side value work. Any other instruction about contekst of scene hadn’t been given. To more complicate work floow Teacher request specific task to lines 3/5/7 need to be used (personal, animal, secret) need to be mentioned by character to write dialogues (line) to scenese withow knowledge what the conversation was befor and after moment dialogue was writing. To help student ass a personal “signature” beyond of stylistic choice. To use advanced temporal manipulation and continuity technique to create flow of possible conversation character painting by Edward Hooper.  Moreover they was exposed on Hopper painting technique and style . Very connected to characteristic film frames. Students working in tandems culturaly diverse to being differentiated. To innately bringing their various cultural backgrounds to the creative process. Adding personal interpretation and stylistic choces. However one more time I need to mentioned that they crate opposite value using valid resoning and revelant and sufficient evidence like for example well choicen detail creating dialogues apprioptiate to task, purpose and audience.

(CCLS Literacy Anchor Writing) They also redefine artistic ideas and works having multiple ways they could approach the task.  (Determine an approach or solution from many possibilities.) 

Task is aligned to following standards  ELA 9-10W3b: Use narrative techniques, such as dialogue, pacing, description, reflection, and plot line(s) to develop experiences, events, and/or characters. CCLS Literacy Writing, Reading and Visual Arts.  However It coud also be part of CCLS Match Anchor by making sense if problem and preserve in solving them, use appropriate tools strategically, look for and maje use of structure. Workin in google classroom digital technology students also will acces, geerate, process and transfer information using appropriate technologies.  All students received curse description, and instructions in google classroom. Also, to differentiate to meet the risk of individual learners, I’m presenting instruction auditory and visual means. As well as meeting all tandem individually to extend the thinking. Varying the length of time, a students may complete the task to provide additional support for struggling team and encourage an advanced learners to find greater depth. And finally make sure there is proper room for all group to work without distraction to all being challenging.

My verbal instructions were also prepared in google classroom therefore I could save more time for students work.  My Ratio was Teacher (1 :4) Students, stretching cognitive work and work distribution and work together as soon as they ready. 

Rigorous Task Materials



9 on 10 teams delivery dialogues. One team lost assignemt during transfer to google classroom ( they explain). I have opportunity to see work in progres and excuse this.
Also 1 team split, studnts want to work independently, this is visible in the outcom.
One dialogue rubric have missing text and one rubric have two dialogues per characters.  All submitted materials had punctuation, speling, grammar issues, and student was requested to rewrite for final outcome unles this is intentionally composed.  Student performance was uploaded to google classroom with grade therefore students know how its performance compare to average.


Students wants to create best outcom, however in this time the best must be the worst. Therefore students contributing throughts personal strengths needs first create positive version on his level and reimagine it into the opposition. Students was gruped in pairs of stronger and weaker lerner. Advaced students will take leadership roles within the class explaining and demonstrating proper techniques. Finnaly all students need to upload works in other way whole class will be holded back from success because every team participate partially in all 10 projects. And again, creating worst dialogue ever need still feet to proper grammar rules. (Format Matters.)