Screenings in the virtual reality technology

„A note from the Uprising“ is the first fictionalized historical show in Poland executed in the virtual reality (VR) technology. It tells a story based on the fate of one of Warsaw insurgents, Capt. Wladyslaw Sieroszewski alias „Sabala“, who received a note with a prayer from his daughter when he was leaving to fight in the Uprising in August 1944. At the time, hi did not know yet that the note would influence his further fate.

The VR technology makes it possible to experience the virtual space „here and now“

a combination of stereoscopy, an imaging technique creating or enhancing the illusion of depth and distance foe binocular vision, and ambisonic sound lest the viewers experience immersion – the impression of becoming submerged in the image. Thanks to special goggles, virtual reality deceives human senses, enabling viewers to move into a different space, to enter a role with their entire self.

Numerus films have already been made about the Warsaw Uprising yet nobody has ever used the virtual reality technology to talk about those events. As the director, Tomasz Dobosz, says, we no longer have to imagine what we would have done if we had lived in those times. We feel our physical presence in that time and place, which – given the right sensitivity – enables us to feel what choices we might have made. Watching a scene of guerrilla fighting, do we feel like hiding or joining the battle? Seeing Warsaw destroyed by the war, do we feel sadness or anger? Thanks to the fact that VR can deceive the human brain in therms of experiencing presence in the given place, we can come a little closer to answering these questions. Put on goggles and take a journey trough time!